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Design your own workout, or try out our ready made plans. On the go, in your home, or at the gym


Design Your Own Workout

Click on one of our 3 workout templates below to design your own workout. Use our exercises or add your own. It's up to you!


High Intensity Interval Traininng

An ideal workout for a busy schedule, short, sharp and painful!


Traditional Gym Template

A tried and tested method to get fit. Great for building muscle and making impressive strength gains. 



An evolution of the HIIT style workout all the way from Japan. A short 4 minute burst of 20 seconds work, followed by 10 seconds rest will really push you.


Rate of Perceived Exertion

A simple scale that lets you know how hard you should be working during your workouts.


Get Fit Like an Olympian

Try Former Captain of Team GB and double Olympian, Nathan Douglas' workout that gets him ready for the athletic season.


Get Ready For The Slopes

Ski specific fitness guides and advice on injury prevention from an Olympic Triple Jumper