Thanks for this. I have shared with the team and other areas within Alstom.
We would also like to say a big thank you, the feedback we have had (about Mark) has all been excellent – probably the best I’ve seen after a guest speaker. ....
Again, many thanks
— Gavin - ALSTOM

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Thanks to you and Nathan for a great session yesterday, the feedback was really positive.
— Anna - BBC

What a success, absolutely brilliant the guys haven’t stopped talking about it this morning, something I feel we will try and do each year
— Seth - Network Rail

Can I say a massive thank you for such an interesting and engaging session on Friday. The team are going out of their way to say how much they enjoyed it and that they want more! I think the queue of people you had waiting to speak to you at the end spoke volumes itself
— EON Resilience Workshop

Thanks to your experienced advice and programmes I can imagine myself having the energy to be at my peak from dawn to dusk, having the certainty to make the right decisions at the right time, and knowing that you really do have the power to change
— Alan - Oxford County Council

Thank you! It was a great day and I left feeling really positive
— Lisa - Thames Water


"Having attended a short training course on Resilience, facilitated by Mark Davies, I can honestly say that my attitude towards my health and well-being has significantly improved for the better. Although as a behavioural coach I have always believed that the most powerful form of help is self-help, I now have a much deeper understanding as to why that is the case ...This knowledge is now something that I promote and include in my work and I have in turn, received great feedback from those that have attended my courses. Additionally I suggested to a friend that she take part in Mark’s course as she was struggling with depression and had previously sought professional help. After attending she stated that her experience was far more beneficial to her than the 6 months’ worth of cognitive behavioural therapy that she had received prior ...I would like to thank Mark for this training and say that the impact is not only due to the content, but the professional and approachable way in which it was delivered..."

Alan Davies Project Manager (Change) – Behavioural Coach, Western Change Team, Network Rail. For an extended version of this testimonial please email nicola@7fututes.com