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Over 3000 people have experienced the benefits of our Resilience+ programme. Find out why some of the UK's largest employers are building their wellbeing and mental health initiatives with our model.

Health Days

With 17 years experience of providing Health Days for a diverse range of clients, from construction workers to lawyers - our events are tailored to your business. Learn more about the features and benefits of our health events, fairs and team-building day.


Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Does mindfulness have a place in your culture and performance objectives? Integrating wellbeing into organisational culture shouldn’t be a nice-to-have, tick box exercise, but a foundational platform from which to engage and motivate management and staff.

Learn From An Olympian

When it comes to elite sport, even if you have all of the skills, knowledge and a world-class support team, it isn’t easy to get it right. Nathan has a profound story: he didn't quite get it right and developed physical and mental health problems that were not diagnosed for 3 years despite having access to the best medical advice.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Since 2000, we have supported clients in both the private and public sectors

At 7Futures, we develop and deliver wellbeing strategies, programmes and products to:

  • build more resilient individuals, teams and cultures
  • enhance the wellbeing and performance of staff and management
  • promote safety, self-awareness and self-management
  • reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders
  • minimise the risks of fatigue to working memory capacity and effective decision-making ; and

  • create inclusive, engaging one-off events for launches, team-building and rewards.




"What a success, absolutely brilliant the guys haven’t stopped talking about it this morning, something I feel we will try and do each year."

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