Thanks for this. I have shared with the team and other areas within Alstom.
We would also like to say a big thank you, the feedback we have had (about Mark) has all been excellent – probably the best I’ve seen after a guest speaker. ....
Again, many thanks
The training for resilience was well put together and delivered with a variety of interesting issues discussed. The training has given me the confidence to help my friends who have been struggling with a variety of serious issues in their lives. It has also given me the tools to help me through a series of major events in my life and given me the ability to recover quicker. In my eyes I believe training like this is essential to give staff the tools to be able to get through serious issues and help others going through the same.
— Network rail

A really useful and interactive course that gave lots of simple tips and techniques for living a more healthy lifestyle with greater resilience to stress and workload
— Network Rail

Nathan was excellent. Feedback from the event was all positive and has only supported the appetite for the next phase
— - Network Rail

Presenter Mark clearly understands the science and mechanics of how the body responds to both physical and mental stress
— Network Rail

Thought provoking and for me captured what Health and Wellbeing is all about
— EWR Alliance

Very beneficial especially with the amount of staff that are off on sick leave due to stress
— Conwy County Council

I would say this is the best course my employer has provided for me. I have learnt techniques which I can pass on to my team and use in my work and personal life to help me become more resilient to stress
— Durham County Council

Having attended a training course on Resilience, I can honestly say that my attitude towards my health and well-being has significantly improved for the better. Although as a behavioural coach I have always believed that the most powerful form of help is self-help, I now have a much deeper understanding as to why that is the case........This knowledge is now something that I promote and include in my work and I have in turn, received great feedback from those that have attended my courses. Additionally I suggested to a friend that she take part in Mark’s course as she was struggling with depression and had previously sought professional help. After attending she stated that her experience was far more beneficial to her than the 6 months’ worth of cognitive behavioural therapy that she had received prior......I would like to thank Mark for this training and say that the impact is not only due to the content, but the professional and approachable way in which it was delivered.
— Alan Davies Project Manager (Change) – Behavioural Coach, Western Change Team, Network Rail.