Perhaps you are exploring the practicality of mindfulness within your organisation for the first time or are wondering what to do next with mindfulness....

At 7Futures, we seek to continually improve the understanding of wellbeing together with related disciplines such as mindfulness and elite performance management. We don’t just provide the science, we put it into action, using practical immersion into challenging learning and client environments. 

For companies, integrating wellbeing into their organisational culture shouldn’t be a nice-to-have, tick box exercise, but a foundational platform from which to engage and motivate management and staff.

We believe we are the best partner you can work with in the UK to ensure wellbeing is meaningful. To ensure it builds resilience, performance and a more engaged, inclusive and trusting culture

Mark Davies, the founder of 7Futures is the only UK consultant to have trained in the US to complete the Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT) programme. This programme was designed after 7 years of research by leading neuroscientists and other specialists to improve the resilience of the US Marines and other USA military personnel. Mark is a regular speaker at national health and safety conferences and internal corporate functions. For independent reviews on the impact he makes.

I would say this is the best course my employer has provided for me. I have learnt techniques which I can pass on to my team and use in my work and personal life to help me become more resilient to stress

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