Hi Henry, just wanted to say thanks for your part at our Health Fair, we all really enjoyed your lesson in using the resistance bands, we returned to our desks buzzing and motivated, we will all be ordering bands and plan to make huge changes to our current lazy, sit down lifestyles, all thanks to you, will maybe catch up with you if you are at our Preston Health Fair in April.
— Network Rail

A really useful and interactive session that gave lots of simple tips and techniques for living a more healthy lifestyle
— Chiltern Railway

The hi-tech equipment he used and strength & flexibility tests were excellent - better than gyms offer
Hi Henry, I really enjoyed the session on Friday and have purchased a couple of resistance bands in an effort to lose the excess weight, thank you
— Harrow Legal

The body composition test was fascinating. The results highlighted a couple of areas I need to keep my eye on, really helpful!
— Network Rail

Staff thought it was the best training they had ever had
— Alumwell Junior school