“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics and it’s true in the boardroom”


Our Resilience+ programme coaches:

  • an understanding of the contributors to physical and emotional resilience including: sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, social engagement and self-awareness

  • the importance of the autonomic nervous system and how it provides physiological support to coping with stress at work and at home

  • how to identify symptoms of depleted resilience in individuals and their teams

  • techniques to improve emotional regulation, stress reactivity and determination

  • an understanding of the significance of neuroplasticity (how the brain learns good and bad habits of thinking, feeling, responding)

  • the recovery protocols of elite sports professionals

Over 3000 people have been trained in client companies including BBC, Network Rail (and their project alliances), EON, Skanska, Carillion, Chiltern Railways and many other SMEs.

Our training helps leaders, managers and HR professionals understand that their performance and that of the organisation depends, ultimately, upon this quality of resilience. Further, that resilience is not a psychological concept that can be taught and measured by online assessments but relies upon a physiological set of processes skilfully mediated by the mind. This insight frequently creates significant behavioural change which is, of course, the true test of any training programme.
It is critical for:

  • supporting change management and restructures

  • talent management and retention

  • ambitious career development without risking burnout

  • effective and sustainable employee engagement

  • short-term energy levels and long-term physical wellbeing• decreased risk of depressions and other mental health issues

Your presentation has started a lot of people thinking about resilience – what it means for them and what changes they can make to enhance their world both professional and personal. They would certainly appreciate any further information that you can put together.
— National College of Policing

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