Kia Oval 11th July

Thank you for the opportunity to present to you at the Kia Oval and as promised please find below resource links you may find helpful  to further your understanding of this subject.

The first link is for the slides.

The second is a short summary of key learning. This is part of a post 3 hour workshop learning toolkit. So there are one or two points referred to which we did not cover at the Oval. During the workshops we provide training in techniques which help regulate the nervous system, improve stress tolerance and performance and reduce the negative impacts to mental wellbeing of stress.

The third is a more comprehensive explanation of the need to improve sleep quality and may be a shortcut for anyone not wishing to read the excellent book that Lucy arranged for everyone to take away. Sleep is not the only important aspect of developing and maintaining high performance, wellbeing and resilience but is it is essential.

We have delivered training to over 5000 people within the rail and construction sector over the past two years: from senior leadership teams to track operatives/site workers. Some of this has been residential events for senior teams and others have been 2 - 4 hour workshops for groups of 10 - 30.

Without exception we have enjoyed exceptional feedback and we continue to look for ways to help support you in the safety and wellbeing of your people.

Some of our work is being captured in a digital learning product that will be available soon from the British Safety Council.

Please do not hesitate to email me if we can be of further help.