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Here is a webpage to help remind you of what was covered and links to additional useful information. 
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Furthermore, here are our audio links to the relaxation exercises. Please click on the arrow and wait for the audio to begin playing (may take a few seconds). Please read the instructions for the breathing exercises (above) before listening to the downloads. It has important information about the nature of such techniques, the preparation you may find helpful and also safety guidelines for anyone who has experienced trauma/significant stress. For anyone who believes they have suffered from traumatic stress, at any time in their life, the first two books on the reading list are very helpful. ‘The Body keeps the Score’ is a more demanding read so it may help to start with the ‘8 Keys’ book. This also compares, quite simply and helpfully, the different approaches people can consider to treating trauma. Please note that talking therapies may not always be effective as the person delivering them considers them to be. As with any type of support/medical advice, you can find experienced and inexperienced practitioners. When it comes to your mental health it pays to be really clear on the advice you are receiving so ask as many questions as you need to get comfortable with the experience of the person offering to help you.

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