Siemens Mobility - An Introduction to Resilience

Thank you for inviting me to your day last week and hope you enjoyed the introduction to resilience.

As promised this is the webpage to help refresh the learning from my presentation and have designed it so you can click through to the following:

a pdf copy of Mark’s slides

a summary of the main learning points from the workshop

The following books are sources of additional information on different aspects of the model presented last week. Depending upon your level of interest you may wish to explore the biology of stress, the role of the autonomic nervous system, the impact and management of traumatic stress as distinct from chronic stress...the two are often difficult to separate. If there is any specific point you resonated with during the presentation please feel free to contact me and I can advise which book is likely to be the best starting point for you.

  • Why Zebras don't get Ulcers: Robert Sapolsky...for anyone that wants to understand the biology of the stress response and why we have fast automatic behaviours...not always helpful!

  • Buddhas Brain: Rick Hanson....for an exploration of the autonomic nervous system and the importance of regulating our emotions/health/stress 

  • Waking the Tiger: Peter Levine

  • The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel van der Kolk

These latter two take different approaches to traumatic stress but essentially focus on the need for body based approaches to resolve mental and physical issues arising from the experience of trauma. This is a complex area as people can experience trauma and not realise it e.g. an operation under general anaesthetic is a good example that would be a fairly common place event but it can be traumatic for the nervous system and effect people without them understanding why. Or being bullied at school can also be traumatic and leave long term persistent issues. Bereavement, car accidents, diagnosis of illness to you or someone close to you are all other common examples which affect some more than others. Both authors are very highly regarded by other therapists and have been incredibly influential in developing the understanding of trauma.

If anyone is uncertain as to past events and if they have caused issues which may be unresolved (meaning the body has not been able to process the trauma's not a failing of the mind more a physiological issue)...please don't hesitate to email me. Or, if it is someone you are worried about. All emails are treated completely confidentially and I can signpost you to further sources of information.

Many thanks,


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