Know Your Caffeine Levels

For most of us, grabbing a takeaway cup while on the way to work is almost a second nature. But have you ever considered how much caffeine there is in your daily cup of coffee? 
Here in the UK, we consume 70 million cups of coffee a day, spending £730million per year. 
An investigation conducted by trade publication Caffeine Informer reveals that not all high street coffee is equal. 
Below is a table showing the caffeine levels for high street companies, remember the recommended DAILY amount of caffeine is 300mg ...think you will be surprised!!

Coffee Company



Café Nero

McCafe (McDonald's)

Dunkin Donuts

Regular Cup Size

Americano "Tall" 12fl oz

Americano" Primo" 10fl oz

Americano "Regular" 12fl oz

Americano "Small" 12fl oz

Brewed coffee "Med" 14oz

Caffeine mg  






Large Cup size    

Blonde roast "Venti" 20 fl oz

Cafe Mocha "Massimo" 20fl oz  

Americano "Grande" 18 fl oz

Mocha "Large" 24 fl oz   

Brewed coffee "Xlarge" 24oz

Caffeine mg







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