Pressure, Stress and Relaxation

Stress is a part of normal life. It is the everyday experience of trying to cope with the demands put upon us such as children, managing the house, finances and a job.

Certain things can add to our stress levels e.g. moving house, changing jobs, money or relationship problems.

A certain amount of stress can be positive. Without it, life would become tedious and dull. We need to be challenged and stimulated. Different people react in different ways to the pressures of life. Some thrive on the adrenaline of stress while others feel constantly under pressure and tense.

When stress starts to affect the quality of our lives it is time to do something about it.

What are the effects of stress?

Too much stress can be difficult to cope with and lead to health problems such as:-

  • headaches, migraine and muscular tension.

  • increased susceptibility to colds and infections.

  • respiratory and digestive disorders.

  • high blood pressure.

  • difficulty sleeping

  • anxiety and depression.

Our methods of coping with stress are usually unhealthy such as bad eating habits, drinking or smoking more.

You may not be able to avoid stress but there are things that you can do to help you cope with it and minimise its effect on your life.

What can I do about it?

Recognising you are under stress is the first step towards controlling the situation. Stress can build up gradually and you may not be aware of it until it reaches a critical level. It is important to recognise the first symptoms of stress.

Warning signs include:

  • difficulty concentrating

  • being short tempered

  • feeling tired most of the time

  • difficulty sleeping, feeling that you just cannot cope and that you do not manage to achieve anything.

Helpful tips

  1. Try to manage your time more effectively.

  2. Put jobs in order of importance and plan ahead

  3. Learn to say no so that you do not take on more than you can handle

  4. Look after yourself - get more physically active, eat a healthy diet and cut down or stop smoking and drinking-you will find that you sleep better too!

  5. Take time to unwind and make time to socialise.

  6. Learn those things that trigger your stress and try to relax in these situations.

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