Nutrition "Back to Basics"

Golden Rules to be practiced 80 – 90% of the time

  • Drink enough water / green tea / hydration drinks, never get thirsty!

  • Eat frequently, eat every 2-3 hours no matter what, unless you are sleeping.

  • Eat protein every time you eat.

  • Eat vegetables or fruit every time you eat but eat more veggies than fruit.

  • Eat starchy carbs when you need them but eat more around time of the day when you are more active (breakfast and lunch) and less or none when you are less active.

  • Eat organic whole-foods, low GI all the time except post-training when high GI foods are better for speedy recovery

  • Eat fat, but eat the right kind of fat – from oily fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil and omega eggs

Avoid ‘empty’ foods which contain calories but no goodness. Doughnuts are a good example of these types of food.

Remember to enjoy your foods and practice the 80:20 rule.

This means that out of 21 weekly meals, 4 can be whatever you want and out of 21 weekly snacks, 4 can be whatever you want also.  (if you are being strict use 90:10).

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