Body Composition Wellness Check

Tanita body composition analysis is the gold standard for the very latest technology for wellness checking and offers you detailed checks of key body measures.

Establishing an accurate baseline of key body measures enables you to personalise your lifestyle choices with greater clarity. Positive trends are monitored to reinforce the benefits of lifestyle changes you make.

What is Body Composition Analysis Testing?

This testing method uses the Tanita machine to tell you 8 important body composition measures.

You will be asked to stand on the body comp. analyser (set of scales attached to a computer) in bare feet and a very weak electric current is sent through the body (you will not be able to feel this). This measures the electrical resistance of fat, muscle and bones providing a print out of readings on: Fat percentage/ Muscle mass/ Hydration levels/ Visceral fat rating/ BMR/ Metabolic age/ Physique rating/ Bone mass. Your results will be explained and you will have help to set simple goals, based on your objectives.

The monitor uses algorithms to calculate the various measures based on your unique variables of height, weight, gender, age and bioimpedance ratings.

Body Composition Analysis testing is perfect for those who want to:

  • Reduce or Increase weight

  • Improve energy

  • Increase muscle

  • Decrease Fat

  • Effectively detoxify

  • Age healthily



Body Fat Percentage

Knowing your body fat content is more important to overall health than body weight: too much can put you at risk for health issues such as heart disease (UK's leading killer) and diabetes and too little can pose problems too.

Muscle Mass

Good muscle mass keeps your body working at optimal levels helping you lose weight by burning more calories than fat. As we age maintaining muscle mass is essential to health.

Physique Rating

This rating shows you the ratio of fat to muscle in your body and is a key factor in losing weight. 

Metabolic Age Rating 

The age at which your body is functioning. A rating of too young or old may require an adjustment of exercise and diet. While we can be fixated on our age it is our metabolic age that is a much better indicator of the balance in our lives.

Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR

This rate lets you know how many calories your body burns while it is a rest. Knowing this number can help you formulate your diet to optimize your weight loss or gain and improve the effectiveness of your exercise regime.

Visceral Fat Rating

This rating tells you how much fat is surrounding your internal organs. Visceral fat increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Sometimes people who appear thin can have high visceral fat ratings and are unaware of the health risks this poses. They may be at more risk than people who are overweight (higher body fat) but whip have low visceral fat.

Body Water percentage

Proper hydration is essential to body/mind optimisation. Water helps eliminate toxins and dehydration causes headaches, fatigue, lethargy.

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