Network Rail Liverpool DU

Health Event

Wednesday 27th March 2019 - planning page


Holiday Inn, Liverpool City, Lime Street, Liverpool L1 1NQ

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client contact

Joanne Kilshaw Team Organiser Liverpool DU email:
Allan Gibbs-Monaghan IMDM

7Futures contacts

Nathan Douglas      Email

Nicola Martin           Email


No hotel accommodation booked to date.

Please let Nicola know your mode of transport for this event - If travelling by train please book advance train fares where possible and as soon as possible. Please let Nicola know the cost at time of booking and please keep receipts. 

If travelling by car 7Futures will pay an allowance of 40p a mile - please try to car share where possible.

Schedule for the 27th March

Approximate attendee numbers:   

AM   75 - 3 groups rotating workshops/health measures
PM   75 - 3 groups rotating workshops/health measures

The objectives are to:

Create a fun and engaging day where staff know they are highly valued and cared for, with their mental and physical health being of the utmost importance.
Deliver a workshop in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Provide high quality education with tools and techniques that can be used by staff to boost their wellbeing.
Provide meaningful health measures which target the greatest health risks and to complete the procedures of the majority of attendees through all measures. To support these measures with clear, practical and motivating advice to enable simple lifestyle changes which make a difference.

Click here to view itinery for the day (this flyer is being used by the client to promote this event)

Click here for suppliers checkist (detailing start times / what you need to bring along etc)

P.S Nathan - 150 packs of biltong ordered to be delivered to your address - should have received these by now. Plus 14 cases of bottled water total 168 bottles have been ordered to be delivered direct to the venue Holiday Inn today as confirmed by Joanne Kilshaw.