NWR Bletchley/Northampton

Health Event - Fatigue with food

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - planning page


NWR Bletchley Centre Sidings Depot, Off Saxon Street, Bletchley MK2 2JU

Click here for location on google maps -  Sharyn says - "it is not that easy getting to the depot!   we are situated off the main road (Saxon Street) and drivers need to be aware that they will be driving through the Cemex yard which is only 10mph and hazard lights need to be on when driving through here, caution is needed as there are heavy vehicles in constant use.  It is an access route so there are a lot of pot-holes and it is very muddy driving through.  Drivers will need to continue along this road through the Cemex yard and carry on until they go under the flyover bridge which then leads in to the main car park at the depot.  I am located in Room 2 and will help with where you can set up and any queries on the day."

client contact

Sharyn Ellis      Email   Sharon.Ellis@networkrail.co.uk   mobile:07860 500535

Dawn Brown    Email   Dawn.Brown@networkrail.co.uk

7Futures contacts

Mark Davies            Email mark@7futures.com

Nathan Douglas      Email nathan@7futures.com

Nicola Martin           Email nicola@7futures.com


If travelling by train please book advance train fares where possible and as soon as possible. Please let Nicola know the cost at time of booking and please keep receipts. 

If travelling by car 7Futures will pay an allowance of 40p a mile - please try to car share where possible.

Schedule for the 2nd may

Approximate attendee numbers:   100 say 50AM and 50PM


Click here to view itinery for the day (this flyer is being used by the client to promote this event)

Click here for suppliers checkist (detailing start times / what you need to bring along etc)