Thank you for attending the Mindfulness and Resilience workshop with Mark Davies and hope you found the subject matter interesting and helpful.

Here is a webpage to help refresh the learning from the day. We have designed it so you can click through to the following resource links.

A pdf copy of the slides

A summary of the main learning points from the workshop

Sleep resources

A guide to the techniques we practised

An audio download to the "Lying body scan"

Please do not use the audio download before having read the guide. This is because practising such techniques need to be undertaken with care if you have experienced trauma and it has affected your health and wellbeing. This is an area not well understood, even by very experienced mindfulness teachers and our concern is for your safety. If you are in any doubt about the effects of trauma on you please do not use the techniques and by all means contact us for details of how you can address this. Alternatively speak to your .....



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