Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Fire Futures Meeting Presentation and Resilience Workshop Day

Wednesday 21st March 2018 - planning page


Cornwallis Suite, Maidstone Masonic Centre, Courtenay Road, Tovil Maidstone, Kent ME15 6LF

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client contact

Natalie Pavey         Email

Marie Curry            Email

 Celia Field              Email

7Futures contacts

Mark Davies             Email

Nicola Martin           Email


Hotel accommodation has been booked for the 20th March at the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Ashford Road, Bearsted Maidstone, England ME14 4NQ
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If travelling by train please book advance train fares where possible and as soon as possible. Please let Nicola know the cost at time of booking and please keep receipts. 

If travelling by car 7Futures will pay an allowance of 40p a mile - please try to car share where possible.

Schedule for the 21st March

Approximate attendee numbers:   

AM   40
PM   100

Start time: Lizzie and Aidan - please can you be at the venue for 08:30. Remaining suppliers who are staying at the hotel the night before to be at the venue for 08:00 please.

Finish time: 14:30 or earlier.

List of suppliers for the day's activities:
Mark - Resilience
Janet - Grip strength
Steve - Sleep and possibly heart health presentation - please discuss with Mark.
Henry -Exercise
Lizzie - Nutrition
Charlotte - Blood pressure
Aidan - Body comp analysis

To create an interactive day for approximately 40 persons.  The day will involve workstations/presentations around nutrition, exercise and sleep and involve some group work, 1:1s and look at things like body composition analysis, blood pressure and reducing risk of heart disease etc. 

Following the workshops/health measurements another 60 persons will join the earlier attendees for the final two hour meeting 3-5pm - but 7Futures team will definitely be finished by 14:30 or earlier and free to leave.

Mark will start the day with a brief overview and aim to get people into the first sessions by 9.30 so we can finish by 12.30. The client will hopefully organise the groupings as they arrive with some sort of badge or sticker.

So for example Group A at:

  • 9.30 goes to the health zone
  • 10.15 to the nutrition,
  • 11.00 to the exercise session 
  • 11.45 to the sleep presentation.

12:30 Lunch - provided and made by the client. Lizzie will be in touch with them to discuss our requirements, and is usually 45min to 1 hour. 

After lunch and before 2.30 we'll probably run a heart health presentation and invite questions. Hopefully the client will  create some feedback forms and have them complete those at this session before they leave.

There will be about 6 personnel from the client team there on the day to assist with any parts of the workshop/meeting.