Resilience Level 1 Senior Leadership Training resources

Thank you for attending the Rest Recovery and Resilience workshop and we hope you found it helpful.

As promised this is the webpage to help refresh the learning from the day.

Please click here for a pdf copy of Mark's slides.

Please click here for a comprehensive explanation of key learning covered in the workshop. This is new material produced as a request from many clients who have attended the workshops in the past two years. This will require some careful study and application.

If you prefer to use a summary version then please click here.

Both the extended and summary versions refer to techniques you can practise and these can be found here

Irrespective of whether you study the extended or summary versions it is the regular practise of techniques that will make a difference to your management of stress, development of resilience and improvements to wellbeing. This is because our brain embodies changes in its structure and the nervous system through neuroplasticity: our brain is plastic and changes according to the experience it receives. If we regularly provide it with beneficial experiences these will gradually become more permanently wired into our brain and body. The opposite is true also i.e. we can literally practise to become expert at worrying by repeating the processes of worrying. Neuroplasticity is explained more detail in the extended guide to the workshop learning.

Notwithstanding, the above, one of the most critical steps you can take to improve your resilience and wellbeing is to improve your sleep quality. If you were to ignore all other materials contained in this webpage and pick only one, for most people, these resources on sleep may the the best choice. Please click here for a high level look at sleep with hints and tips from our colleague Nathan Douglas - double Olympian triple jumper.

Furthermore, here are our audio links to the interception and relaxation exercises. Please click on the arrow and wait for the audio to begin playing (may take a few seconds).

Please do not use the audio download before having read the guide above. This is because practising such techniques need to be undertaken with care if you have experienced trauma and it has affected your health and wellbeing. This is an area not well understood, even by very experienced mindfulness teachers and our concern is for your safety. If you are in any doubt about the effects of trauma on you please do not use the techniques and by all means contact us for details of how you can address this. Alternatively please speak to your Manager if you feel you need further support in this area.


On the subject matter of the workshop, if you wish for any further information on anything that seems particularly relevant to you or your family please do not hesitate to email me or

many thanks

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