Rest, Recovery and Resilience workshop resources

So.....following the first release of information which included the sleep resources and written scripts for the techniques we practised, have you:

  • reviewed your sleep quality and night-time routines?
  • practised any techniques?

As we discussed, during the workshop, if we are to positively change some aspect of ourselves then we have to do things differently. It is better to make these changes small and gradual so they are safe and sustainable i.e. we can become more resilient and improve our wellbeing in gentle, gradual, easy-to-mange steps.

I suggested starting with looking at your sleep because many people complain about not sleeping well and also it is probably the single most important part of your recovery. It is when you are in parasympathetic for the longest time and when your body is renewing itself for tomorrow.

Also, because our brain is changes shape and function according to how we use it (neuroplasticity) means that if we practise beneficial techniques then we can improve our resilience, energy and stress tolerance.

To further help you please find the following additional resources:

  • audio downloads to help guide you through the techniques. Please, ensure you read the introduction to the scripts for the techniques before you use the audio download. There is carefully written guidance on how to prepare and how to manage your use of the techniques. The guidance is for your safety and wellbeing.

    The first audio download is the main technique we practised. The second is an additional technique to help you get off to sleep, or, go back to sleep if waking in the night, or, to use to help with a power nap.

Please do not hesitate to email nicola@7futures for any further support.

best wishes


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