Nathan's story is of an athlete at the top of his game: pushing his body to it's limits to achieve his goal. The athletics track is no different to the work place - hard work and mental strength is a key element to success. But what happens if you don't get the balance right? What are the implications for your mental and physical wellbeing?

Olympians need to be exceptionally dedicated to their profession and lifestyles. Attention to any detail which makes a difference to performance is key: and all while the world watches. You must know how to manage your nutrition, hydration, sleeping patterns, mental alertness and recovery strategies to maintain consistent training and competition performance. Superior self-awareness that notices and addresses unconscious habits which are not conducive to world-class performance is critical. Understanding how to respond rather than react to stress and pressure is a must.

One centimetre can be the difference between winning and losing: you can leave no stone unturned. The pressure to perform on a consistent basis is high, especially when they too need to lead a normal fulfilling life. Even when you have all of these skills, knowledge, and a world-class support team, it isn’t easy to get it right. Nathan has a profound story: he didn't quite get it right and developed physical and mental health problems that were not diagnosed for 3 years despite having access to the best medical advice Get in touch to learn more about how Nathan's story can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of the employees at your business.

Over 3000 people have been trained in client companies including BBC, Network Rail (and their project alliances), E.ON, Skanska, Carillion, Chiltern Railways and many other SMEs.

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